Friday, December 9, 2016

Mary is the best Walthamstow escort

I have tried out the services of different escorts in the last year, but only recently I found the absolute best one. Her name is Mary and she is a blonde escort from Nyx Escorts. I found her online, on their beautiful website and after reading a lot of testimonials from other clients, I decided I would try out her services. I wanted her to provide me with a girlfriend experience or GFE, I have to admit that I am a very pretentious man and that my personality makes it pretty hard for someone to understand me and to make me happy and satisfied, but I was in for a real surprise.
I booked a meeting with Mary over the phone and we went out on a dinner date to start things up nicely, when I first met her I understood that I was going to have the time with my life in her presence. She was so lively, so full of energy and excitement, I really loved her bubbly personality and her open minded attitude. But what I appreciated even more was the way she acted, it was like nothing could make her break character, this slim blonde escort was so professional and intelligent that I just could not have enough of her, she was very exciting and she really knew how to bring adventure in my life. I loved every moment spent in her company and I enjoyed myself quite nice all the time we spent together.

The way she did her striptease show was something like out of the movies, the way she moved, danced and undressed herself was very arousing. This Walthamstow escort knew how to use her body to her advantage, she knew exactly how to get my blood rushing, but when she first kissed me, my heart skipped a beat. Her lips were so passionate, so luscious and so experienced that I almost fell in love with her. Mary really gave me the perfect girlfriend experience and the most exciting times that I had ever had with a woman in my life, she knew how to give the perfect tantric massage and this skinny blonde escort was a real master of the cowgirl position. I loved every moment spent in her company and I loved the way she managed to make my fantasies come to life, if I am going to work with an escort again, I would not choose anything else than her services!

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